Lethargy, weakness, breathing problems, lack of flow(s), pain, fever, vomiting , diarrhoea, skin eruptions, abnormal growths. These are all recognisable signs that we are sick or something is wrong. Usually these things indicate unwanted pathogens or parasites in the body, a blockage of some sort or a compromised immune system.

At the Mizan Bio-Resonance and Natural Healing Clinic we use a number of techniques (listed below) and technologies to tackle ill-health by focussing on four key areas, namely:

1. Identify and eliminate unwanted antigens, including parasites, pathogens, toxins and viruses;

2. Unblock channels/meridians and stimulate circulation;

3. Build and restore strength and flexibility and the working efficiency of major organs;

4. Build up and stimulate the immune system and the production of antibodies.

Our main focus is using Rife Frequencies and Bioresonance treatments along with optimal breathing techniques, targeted physical exercises and the use of herbal formulations that are both consumed and applied externally. Both wet (hijama) and dry (TCM) cupping are also part of our in-house arsenal.

We are also ably supported by a wonderful group of associates and practitioners qualified and experienced in the likes of acupuncture, herbalism, massage, hijama/cupping, reflexology, nutrition, osteopathy, Paida/Lajin, Buteyko and other techniques and proven therapies.

Rife Frequencies and Bioresonance

Dr Royal Raymond Rife pioneered what could beside to be the re-emergence of ancient healing practices based on the application of different resonant frequencies to the body. His amazing results with cancer patients in the 1930’s meant that he later fell foul of what would later evolve or be replaced by the FDA in America. Thankfully, much of his research has been rediscovered, although the same cannot be said for his pioneering microscopes that have still not been matched. (Further information can be found here)

Optimal and Nasal Breathing

Think for a minute that our lives have been measured out, not in days, but breaths. Each of us allotted a different number of breaths, some of us even the same number. Each breath is precious, not to be wasted. We certainly don’t want to be using more than we need to each day. The natural organ for breathing is the Nose. Breathing through the mouth leads to over-breathing. Over-breathe and we get sick (and quickly use up many of our allocated breaths). Severely under-breathe and we die. You’ll be shocked when you realise the amount of ailments and diseases that are so often a result of poor breathing habits. On the other hand you’ll likely be totally amazed at the results when bad breathing habits are replaced with good breathing techniques.

Herbal Formulations

The use of herbs, plants and minerals in medicine is certainly not new and a lot more knowledge has probably been lost than the vast oceans that have been retained across the globe. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t learn something new.

We use herbs in a variety of ways including decoctions, infusions, tinctures, compresses and poultices. You could even include essential oils and liniments in that list.

Paida/Therapeutic Slapping

An excellent self-help technique for stimulating circulation as well as identifying heart disease. There is also an emergency protocol often used as an alternative to CPR.

Lajin Stretching and Other Selected Exercises

These techniques are mainly focussed on opening up meridians and other channels in the body in order to promote the necessary flow of air, fluids (including blood) and Qi.

Hijama and Cupping Therapies

We use dry cupping to stimulate the movement of Blood and Qi in the body and also as a massage technique.

Hijama (wet cupping) we generally offer only on particular days of the month based on the lunar calendar. At the beginning of each month we remind members of what dates those days fall on and open up the calendar for appointments.